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Posted by Ciaron Davies on October 6, 2010 at 5:20 PM

Welcome to acting side of the website. I'm always interested in projects and love playing a diverse range of characters. Have a look below at some of the recent films I have worked on and also check out the video section of this site to see show reels and clips from some of the work I have done. You can get direct access to showreel material on this page. See below.


PROJECT                                   DATE                           ROLE                                      DIRECTOR


NOIRE                                   MARCH 11                 FRANK CHILL                           HENRY HARTE

THE 5TH DIMENSION         FEB  11                       DESTINY/LEED                              C. DAVIES

LIKE WE USED TO             SEPTEMBER 10         HENRY DEVILLE/LEED                 C . DAVIES


THE PICNIC                          AUGHUST 10             JOHNATHON/LEED               NACER ENSAAD


DONAZ DAZE                      JULY 10                       MAKENNA/LEED                        NOEL DUFFY


PREY                                    MAY/JUNE 10              RORY/LEED                   RANDALL PLUNKETT


THE LIQUIDATORS            FEB 10                          REX DIGGINS/LEED                 TIERNAN LEE

RTE STORY-LANDS            JAN 10                         LEX/LEED                              KEVIN MACANN



“SO FAR FROM HERE"     DEC O9                        FRONT MAN                         SIMON EUSTACE 


PORTRAIT OF                     OCT 09                SOUND MAN/SUPPORTING         DAVID BAILEY




ON THE SCENE                  MAY 09                    THE MAN/LEED                      PADDY BRENNON




I have strong improvisational skills, have worked as a musician, actor, performance poet and a stand up comic. Great mimic. Can perform any accent. Proficient in most styles of combat, including Wing Chung, sword work (medie-evil, Viking,  foils, rapier, and Asian Catana). I keep to a strict fitness regime so am experienced in running, weight lifting and aerobics. I can also perform stunts. As a musician, I play guitar, piano and sing. Create, build and operate puppets. Blues rock singer.

If you need me for anything you can mail me directly from the 'Contact' section of this site.

Modern Reel

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Period Reel

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Voice Reel

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Ciaron Davies

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